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The Adolescence Prime

Before getting into great details, a new alpha-release got its heads up:

Qtractor (adolescence prime) is out!

This probably marks a subtle but important milestone in the project life-cycle, if it has any. Yes, Qtractor aims to be a fairly featured Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for the Linux GUI desktop, with the personal home-studio in mind. Although still in a so called alpha phase of software development, it is known to be already functional and productive, at least for me ;)

But why do I call this particular pre-release a milestone? Because, I believe, that these following weeks will see some rather and invasive changes to highly sensitive and internal workings, specially regarding audio sequencing. Short reason: changes might break the hell apart. Long reason: in-place audio clip time-stretching is about to get integrated. That's it.

Without further delay, everyone is welcome to grab the source and also some binary packages, available from the official project site:

The pertinent change-log follows:

  • Drag-and-dropping of MIDI files without specific track or channel,
    into existing tracks, is now rejected. The drop operation is now
    allowed on the track-view blank area only, meaning the same as the
    complete MIDI file import into session.
  • Record actual MIDI clip length to last play-head position,
    instead of time of last event in the recorded sequence.
  • Connections item lists gets properly sorted, as intended.
  • Clear connection persistance once an explicit discconnection is
    issued on any of the (intrinsic) bus ports.
  • MIDI output buses now get the panning slider to spit out some
    GM system master balance (sysex) messages, being now enabled.
  • Mouse hovering on the clip fade-in/out handles, while in the
    main track-view, gets its long due cursor pointer feedback.
  • Fixed a off-by-one boundary issue on MIDI clip event playback,
    which were enqueuing duplicated MIDI events on every read-ahead
    output thread processing cycle (1 sec).
  • Transport menu and toolbar are now featured on the MIDI Editor.
  • Use actual session name when asking to save changed session.
  • Transport loop setting keyboard shortcuts swapped: Ctrl+L will
    set the loop immediately, and Shift+Ctrl+L will toggle on/off.
  • Changing MIDI event duration may now affect MIDI clip duration.
  • Alternate sharp-note color lines have returned to MIDI Editor
    canvas, as was the shadow color marking the end of MIDI clip.

Have a great time.

Cheers && Enjoy.
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela