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you'll have to try it for yourself, and i won't be sorry for that. trust me :) qtractor is a sequencer so that it plays or records whatever samples or performance you set it to.

look, this is not some another self-contained, monolyth, all-in-one sound or music application. qtractor is a general purpose sequencer.

it plays audio and midi clips you arrange it to on a time line. although it has plugins, audio fx and midi instruments it was and still is keen to drive and be driven by (old-school) midi outboard equipment. real keyboards, guitars, drums. the concept here is "real" music instrumentation, composition and arrangement.

sure i could share a qtractor project file, no doubt, but trust me, it wouldn't make much sense or justice on your setup. or maybe not.

though, i will post here shortly a video and the corresponding project file for you to judge for yourself. stay tuned. ;)