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The Hottest Pick

This might be old news for some, but my pet project, Qtractor, has been awarded the Hottest Pick as seen on the Linux Format UK's best-selling Linux magazine, as of January 2008 issue (LXF101). It was just today that I've grabbed (bought) one copy from my usual news-stand and after a while browsing over to the LXF Hot Picks section (p.70), I've found it to my astonishing pleasure.

The reviewed pre-released version is quite old though. Yes, The Eleventh Tower (qtractor was released a couple of months ago and it's already aged, but that didn't stop the LXF fellows to pick it up and try it as it was back then. The reviewers were quite impartial, I must say, in fact they couldn't be more, as I wasn't found nor lost in the review process. How could I?

Thanks LXF, as thought I needed another reason to buy your excellent magazine every inclusive month ;)

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela