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There is a problem I have seen with jack in general that may be somewhat solvable in qjackctl. Qjackctl runs in one of two modes, either with jackd or jackdbus. When in jackdbus mode, qjackctl looks to see if jackdbus is already running and connects through dbus. However, there is some software that if jack is not running starts jackd. Qjackctl does not detect this and then when it tries to start jackdbus this fails, but often the user doesn't know why. Would it be possible to have qjackctl look for jackd running when trying to start jackdbus and put up a dialog asking if qjackctl should first stop the running instance of jackd or run in jackd mode till next jack server shutdown? (or try to start jackdbus anyway if the running jack server is not named "default") I think this would give better user feedback.

Maybe I am missing something too :)