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Thankyou for your very clear answer. Also, much egg on face as I have just been playing with a newer version of qjackctl and the operation is already much clearer than it has been. When qjackctl is started it does detect an already running jack no matter what mode each is in. It is confusing that in the case of another program starting jack and qjackctl stopping it, jack does not in fact stop (ok) however, qjackctl then tells me jack has stopped, when in fact it is still running. Does qjackctl confirm that jack did shut down? Maybe this is what I was seeing. Certainly in the case of dbus operation, dbus returns a stopped status that is true for jackdbus, but not for jackd, but I am not sure how one would check if jack was running. (and I'll probably find that this too is fixed in a version I don't yet have ;) (running 0.3.10 here) Anyway, these are minor things. Perhaps in a one jack world a command line started jack would show up on dbus too... or maybe that would cause even more problems. Thankyou for the jack control program we all use.