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the lines that follow is my personal setup and must not be considered an official one from whatsoever.

iow. this is not suitable for general distros packaging or recommendation but to the brave and personal setups instead ;)

  1. while on qjackctl, make sure Setup/Misc/"Save JACK audio server configuration to:" option is off; OK and Quit.
  2. then redirect the so called "JACK audio server configuration" file (~/.jackdrc) to run qjackctl, permanently: from the command-line terminal/console (as your regular persona aka. user):

    echo "`which qjackctl` --start" > ~/.jackdrc
    chmod a-w ~/.jackdrc

nb. you need to do the above only once; from that moment on, qjackctl will cold-start itself and the jack-server automagically whenever any jack-client is invoked.

ps. the last chmod step is optional but barely needed to avoid something else to mess with the ~/.jackdrc file--one notable example is ardour, no other, which will present you a jack configuration dialog whenever the jack-server is not running when it starts and then try to override that configuration file without further questions asked :)