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I tried fiddling with the "MIDI controller" menu of the track (|( I only want the volume fader of the track to actually control the volume of the instrument) but while I know what QTractor ( sends, I have no clue about what Monosynth (calf-plugins 0.0.19) receives. And franckly I cannot imagine that Calf decided to change the parameter numbers their plugins receive.
I made a lot of songs using Monosynth tracks in Qtractor and never experience that PB ; what could have happened to either of those entities (Qtractor, Monosynth, and I) ?
I'm very sad at the idea of not using calf Monosynth anymore... The other plugins I tried seem to work (but ONE misbehaving strip on the console, and the whole mixing experience is ruined).

Very loosely related : Does anybody know how to use Qtractor on Unity and still see the toggle status of the track controls ? (Record / Mute / Solo)