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the so called killer feature (MIDI Controllers...) is disabled by default *only* on the LV2 plugin forms of the Vee-One's; on the stand-alone versions it's enabled, all the time, unconditionally!

however, take note that on option b. these MIDI Controller assignments, once enabled, are specific to the Vee-One's and are global on a per user level configuration basis--that means it applies to all and any instances of the respective synthv1, samplv1 or drumkv1, either form, LV2 or JACK stand-alone.

yet, the other option a. re. Qtractor host realm, is probably the most recommended way, anyway, especially if you're planning to automate the same particular subject (plugin parameter) later.

the reason it has been disabled by default on the LV2 plugin version derives from an old issue or prohibition to overwrite LV2 input parameter ports on its own, something that was overrun on the last release (v0.7.5) through the help of shadow/cache ports (ie. LV2 input parameter ports are read-only, as from the plugin's own POV)