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And what "connections saver" are you using? Certainly not the one provided by QjackCtl, because there's none :)

As the article implies, the snapshot feature you opt when creating a new patchbay definition profile is not quite an accurate connections saver as you might expect. It's just a convenience helper in populating an initial patchbay definition from scratch with something that might resemble your current JACK/ALSA graph. As said, it's just a starting point, not an end in itself. You'll most certainly need to rearrange the resulting snapshot model quite for sure, to fit your actual client/port graph.

OTOH, one thing I've forgot to mention, there's no support for JACK-MIDI yet on the QjackCtl Patchbay, although that's already a reality in the Connections widget.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela