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The patchbay really comes into its own when you use regexps in the rules.

Example: In rosegarden one can name inputs and outputs but cannot define the output number yourself, which can come back to haunt you especially when you have multiple rosegarden files you want connecting in the same manner. A number of other applications have similar quirks.

Perhaps one case gives you
out 1 - Roland D10
out 2 - Alesis DM5

and another gives
out 3 - Alesis DM5
out 4 - Roland D10

Using Perl style regexps (all the metasymbols seem to work) the following pair of regexps will always match the above names regardless of number
out \d* - Alesis DM5$
out \d* - Roland D10$

See if you need a translation of perl's extensive regexp capabilities