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Hi Rui, thanks for the reply.

Good to know about the lv2 automation potential.

I noticed that sometimes the saved drum kits do not pull up the
assigned saved samples when I reload Drumkv1. Saw some information
about physical path vs relative path being a problem in an earlier
version. I am using the 0.5.1 build from the Fedora 20 repository.

When I looked over the ~/.conf/ the paths
are stored with the physical path and are correct. There are
no spaces or special characters in the path or drumkit name. I
also see that the actual drum kit file looks fine. I made a backup
of the kit and compared them, they are the same. If I point to
the backup the samples do not load either.

I wonder if there is a specific setting I have tweaked that is causing
the load of the drum kit file to fail. I am just running Drumkv1
in standalone mode not as a plugin yet. I launched it from the CLI
to see if any errors were being output to the console when selecting
and drum kit and have not seen anything related to reading or writing the
drum kit file, just a deprecated font conf when launching and that's all.

So, I am a old tired musician/developer (my pay job is developer HA!), I
download the source project to take a peak. [scary music starts] Now when
I say developer I mean back to the 70's (370 Assembler, COBOL, CICS, C) up
to today which is all Java so my C++ skills are lacking to say the least.

Before I dabble into the source I'm thinking strace when launching drumkv1
to see if the file read and writes are occurring on the drumkit files
based on the path in the drumkv1.conf, maybe the path is different.

Next, download Qt designer and save the world but, before that :

Is there a already known solution?