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Thank you indeed for this - it's a huge improvement :-) This issue has been destroying my workflow for quite some time now. Just to check on the functionality:

1) Shift-click and Ctrl-click seem to do the same thing. Is this intentional? I'd have expected:

Ctrl-click: select individual tracks, keeping the currently highlighted ones highlighted
Shift-click: select a "range" of tracks in between two points, e.g. shift-clicking Track 1 then Track 10 would select Tracks 1-10

However, both appear to behave as Ctrl-click. It's not an issue in terms of lack of functionality, as it's also possible to drag to select a range of tracks, but I'd like to confirm whether this is working as intended.

2) Are you planning to add the Record state to this multi-select feature too, or not? It's not a massive issue if it's not there (Mute/Solo were the big ones), but it'd be nice to have as it would help when bouncing large numbers of MIDI tracks to audio tracks.

Finally, do you have any thoughts on the UI INFO SAVE/RESTORE point (session vs global) above?