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the intended behavior is supposed to be consistent as usual for extended multi-selection item list views:

first of all, there's the current track concept and now the selected track one: there's only one and single current track at any one time and this concept is kept unchanged as before, as for all editing purposes. the current track is always displayed on a slight darker background. otoh. there may be none, one or more selected tracks; selected tracks are shown with regular highlight colors as from current color palette scheme or theme (default to desktop environment's).

1) to select and/or deselect tracks you can use the business-as-usual mouse shift+left_click/drag_lasso (add), ctrl+left_click/drag_lasso (toggle) and the keyboard shift+home/end (add), ctrl+home/end (toggle) and shift/ctrl+up/down (add).

nb. the old "easter-egg" behavior also applies to the current selected track set, not only to the whole track universe, which still applies though, depending whether the "anchor" track is selected or not ;)

2) the track record state is not supported at this time on this new multi-selection feature. it wasn't either before; reasons prevail as it's dang tricky to secure it correctly especially in regard to undo/redo scenarios. hyu.

re. UI INFO SAVE/RESTORE (session vs global)
i think i've already made my point. there's nothing to be done here. things that are global are stored globally (eg. column widths); things that are session dependent are stored in session/template file (eg. row heights, zoom level, etc.). there isn't much to argue here, but one better keep things simple as possible (cf. kiss. methodology;)).