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hi Simon,

yes, "firewire" used to make sense for devices driven by the FFADO drivers.

however, i've been told that recent kernels are pouring support for firewire devices as well, but then, they will be driven by the ALSA infra-structure, so the particle to contemplate in RTIRQ_NAME_LIST is still "snd".

re. "rtc" stands for the real-time clock devices. tbh. i don't quite remember why it was set to highest priority anyway; at the time it was being created, during the voluntary_preempt kernel days, which would lead to preempt_rt a bit later, i guess it was Ingo Molnar's suggestion: we were measuring kernel latency timings and rtc made sense to have top priority back then. maybe it's no big deal if one keeps it or drops it--i don't have it myself on my /etc/sysconfig/rtirq for quite some time, if you want to know ;)