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1. If I pick "yenta" in RTIRQ_NAME_LIST does this result in both "yenta" and "firewire" being handled with the same RTPRIO as they share the same interupt?

no. only one, either "yenta" or "firewire" gets the prize.

2. Is there a tweak that can be included in /etc/default/rtirq to move either yenta or firewire to another IRQ?

no. that is not the scope of rtirq. in fact i don't really know if that's possible at all at the hardware(BIOS) or kernel level.

3. What is the best command line to sort out the usb ports? This laptop seems to have 2 or 3 internal devices per usb slot.

lsusb is my first bet; try that and match with what /proc/asound/cards lists; most probably you'll be looking for the bus major number.

4. Can the the usb names to be used in /etc/default/rtirq be given a sub-name for fine differentiation?

no. you're stuck with USB host controller port(bus) numbers, sorry.

5. Finally, what name formats does RTIRQ_NAME_LIST accept (and which command line instructions find them)?

there are only two special keywords: "snd" and "usb", which you know their meaning already; all other options might be sourced as a substring from what is found in the last and right-most column of the /proc/interrupts list.