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note that my packages are all-in-one (lv2 and jack standalone) builds against libjack0 (aka. jack1; i believe is just called "jack-audio-connection-kit" on the kxstudio libraries repos). you probably have installed libjack-jackd2-0 instead (as from "jackd2" aka. jack2).

maybe you can build from source take the original tarball from the local snapshots please, and proceed with normal build and installation.

or you can ask falktx to build and package it to kxstudio application/plugins repos asap. (hint: look at kxstudio forum)

or you can wait for next dot release--actually, the bug only manifests when an element group is set to "2" or above through "128", so that you can only have one effective exclusive group at any one time (that being group "1").