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MIDI Connections/Busses in Qtractor do not work (?)

Dear Rui,
since the latest version the midi bus connections shown in the midi patchbay from within Qtractor do not work anymore on my system. The connections shown in the midi patchbay from outside Qtractor do work. Before that everything worked fine. Even creating a new Qtractor template (creating new busses, ...) did not help. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you and greetings, Michael

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can you please explain in detail what exactly has stopped working since v0.7.4.11 ?

on all the tests i've done so far i see no problem at all while doing connections to and from MIDI input and output buses, including saving and restoring then on session reload--i believe it's all working as it ever was before...

currently running v0.7.4.12, but nothing has changed in that regard.


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Sorry for my bad english expression ;-)

I can record MIDI data from my master keyboard into Qtractor using an input bus, and after recording I can play back these MIDI data using an output bus from Qtractor to one of my synthesizers. But I can't route MIDI data at the same time from the master keyboard within Qtractor via an input bus to an output bus to control these synthesizers "live" - the MIDI through routing doesn't work now on my system (I use this method to switch between the synths using Qtractor). The synths and MIDI Interface seem to work properly.
If I generate direct connections (using the inputs and outputs shown in QJackCtl outside of Qtractor) it works - but I can't switch between the synths that comfortable.

Sorry, I was wrong with "...since v0.7.4.11", I compiled back to and neither version works now (they did before), so I am sure I am the problem - do I miss a setting (?). Any ideas ?

Thanks and greetings, Michael

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so... is it the "monitor" (aka. passthru) button function that is not working on duplex MIDI buses ?

please confirm.

ps. MIDI duplex bus monitor seems to work here... must be something else... i'm confused. can give some more details about the MIDI through switch issue? is it about or related to the ALSA MIDI-Through ports provided by snd-seq-dummy module?

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the monitor/passthru works but doesn't do what I need.
I guess my mistake was that while testing the new version I didn't save the new template file with the new settings/features. After deleting the old Qtractor config file and setting up and saving the new project, everything works as fine as before.

Thank you for your efforts, Michael

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