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Default shortcuts persisting

Hello :)

I have changed some of the shortcuts in Qtractor (version 0.7.4)

  • Ctrl+T
  • F6
  • F7

to map to other commands I find more interesting. At the next startup, if my new assigned commands are still there, the default ones (I removed) are back in the Shortcuts window. Then if I change another one, my custom shortcuts don't work anymore, Qtractor indicating a conflict (I guess the fact the default ones being presented in the Shortcuts window have put them back, so it seems it's just a bug in this window).

P.S.: should that kind of feedback be posted on the SF tickets of the project page?

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default keyboard shortcuts, the ones hard-coded to the qtractorMainForm.ui (and qtractorMidiEditorForm.ui), are NOT erasable nor re-assignable, sorry.

at least across program sessions: while they may seem possible to erase the original default assignment, it won't survive to next program run cycle. sorry again.

this is known issue and to date nothing has been devised to circumvent or work around it. so sorry again.

nevertheless, you're therefore encouraged to file a ticket if nothing just worth as for the record ;)


Hi Rui

I'm not familiarized with Qt, but maybe I could try to spend time to understand how it works, and how to create a workaround, if you're ok with it, because I'd really prefer to be ale to assign my own shortcuts .. well, if I find time for, being preparing drum sounds for now :)


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well the whole thing is theoretically doable, if you know what i mean :)

one has to trump the current naive serialization of keyboard shortcuts in and out, most especially on loading/startup ... that is, checking whether the default originally hard-coded matches or misses when comparing to the saved ones.

i'll see into that again, when time permits.

[UPDATE:] it was all easier than previously thought :) todays git head master (qtractor v0.7.4.22+) has the news:
- Default PC-Keyboard shortcuts may now be erasable and re-assigned (cf. Help/Shortcuts...). (EXPERIMENTAL)
please test and tell.

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