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I was told that rtirq depends on the kernel used!!
I'm using kernel26rt-

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Thanks for donating. Best wishes and a happy New Year to y'all.

You're welcome, and as you can see on the Qtractor project page, my donation seriously screwed up some timelines and ended up somewhere in the past.


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Indeed. somehow SF screw the donations listing, although they seem to be sorted correctly, still. Only that some lines are displayed as of zero unix epoch time. Oh wait... may that be the Y2K38 bug creeping already? bwahahahah


Hi Rui,

What does this mean? RTIRQ_NON_THREADED

I don't fully understand the comment in the conf file. I have a modern kernel, 2.6.31-rt (linux-rt for karmic and lucid). I can see threads in htop.

Is it right to think that you should put in that variable the devices which are not sharing irq number with others and you should ommit the ones you see in /proc/interrupts with two or more "things" in the same irq number?
All of this as long you as have a modern rt-kernel, beginning from version number ...??
Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for your work, Rui. You rock!

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Back in the days of the voluntary preempt kernel patch, there was this option to let some of the soft-IRQ service routines non threaded. I fail to tell whether it's still applicable nowadays to the PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY and PREEMPT_DESKTOP kernel configurations, which are in fact the direct remnants from those days (4-5 years ago?).

Truth is, the rtirq.conf option in subject doesn't mean a thing on PREEMPT_RT kernels and never did, so you can just ignore its intent and original purpose anyhow.


Thank you very much! Then I think I will comment that line out.

Cheers! Pablo

How useful rtirq script would be in the recent kernel (as in Lucid Lunx Ubuntu Studio PREEMPT (corresponds to config option config_preemtp ) ?
Or can someone do anything usefull for audio work stability on twiddling priorities ?

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rtirq does its magic on PREEMPT_RT kernels only!

all else is pure noop

hth :)

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Hello Teemu Kurki,

You need the 2.6.31-11-rt real-time kernel in order to be able to use rtirq. An apt-get install linux-rt should pull that in.



Hi !

I understand that rt-kernel is needed to get ultimate low audio latency, but I heard that there will be problems to use NVIDIA video cards, and related drivers simultaneously. Therefore I thought if the new PREEMPT_CONFIG could bet close to -rt if priorities are adjusted. I acknowledge that the current rtirq script is not able to handle the priority adjustements for that case. Reason being at least the different format of kernel process names.


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