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I was told that rtirq depends on the kernel used!!
I'm using kernel26rt-

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I do have here one box at least (intel quad q8200) with a nvidia 9600 working just fine on a kernel. The nvidia driver versoin is latest official 256.53, blob compiled to fit (some trivial patching needed to build cleanly for kernel-rt). As they say, YMMV :)

OTOH, last time I've checked, the regular PREEMPT kernel does not implement any of the IRQ service threading that PREEMPT_RT does, being one of its corner stones. In fact the main job of the rtirq script is just dealing with those separate IRQ thread priorities and scheduling schemes. Again, rtirq is a PREEMPT_RT kernel only thingie no matter which version do you pick.


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A realtime kernel (a kernel with the RT patchset and CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT option enabled) comes with a tasklet API:

That's what rtirq controls, those bottom halves of irq handlers, also called tasklets. So if you don't have a realtime kernel rtirq does close to nothing.
And I'm running realtime kernels with closed source nvidia drivers too, never experienced any real issues.




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