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Copy/Paste midi clips on a changed tempo (or zoom/unzoom)


This thing (bug?) happened to me a few times before, and I couldn't repeat it, but now I can describe it precisely.

1. song starts in 120 bpm tempo (4/4)
2. midi track (drums) created and kick recorded for 1 bar
3. that bar is then copied and pasted 9 times (ctrl+shift+V)
4. tempo change 11th bar to 130 bpm
5. copy first 10 bars of midi track, paste into next 10 bars
6. pasted midi is out of sync, as pasted length of separate midi clips is now longer than the length of first 10 midi clips

Similar scenario:
Steps 1 to 4 as before
5. copy first bar only
6. paste it anywhere after the 11th bar
7. notes are in perfect sync (place), but length of clip is slightly longer then bar itself

All this because when tempo is changed, Qtractor adjusts the view and makes the bars with faster tempo a bit shorter in length, which is logical.

But then the pasted midi bars should also auto-adjust their length.

This is really important in two scenarios of making a song.
1a. drums are created and edited per bar for the first half of song
1b. tempo is slightly faster in second half of song
1c. complete drum arrangement is just copied into second part of song
2a (especially in folk music) same drum pattern, but tempo gets faster every bar (usually end of song)

Similar to this is another copy-paste error which I get from time to time:
1. copy a few tracks (audio/midi)
2. zoom or unzoom
3. paste

The shape and notes of the pasted material keep their previous zoom-state shape (thus totally out of sync)

As I said, this doesn't happens always, but 50% of time I would say



Hi Rui,
Qtractor no longer crashes at my edit point, however, while jackd is running at 48k, the exported track contains one second of audio, one second of silence, and so on. If I set jackd back to 44.1k, all is well. I'm just now getting today's CVS, so I will try that again later.

Also, I noticed you got rid of the dual replace requester. :)

EDIT [Today's CVS seems to do mostly the same thing. Is this export dependent on latency, because ATM, my latency is set to 1024/42ms, but if latency were the problem, I'd suspect it would also do it at 44.1k.]


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That is all terribly strange. I've been testing export in several situations and scenarios, wrt. period sizes, sample-rates and even kernels and boxes (32/64bit) and all seems and goes smooth, not a glitch nor that dreaded silence gaps you report on the exported audio file.

Will try to look at it later, maybe a bigger hammer ;)


It is indeed working. The problem was the I was trying to play the exported .wav in VLC. Apparently VLC cannot play back 24bit wav files worth a crap. Everything else plays it fine.

Thanks again,

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I wonder if "working fine" is a prank... hope so.

happy April Fools' day :))


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