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Chocks away: LAC2007@TU-Berlin

That's it. I'm ready and so are Qtractor. Some late bugs have been fixed, others been slightly re-touched, but I guess it's all set for throwing this puppy into the beasts.

We're now ready for the LAC2007@TU-Berlin. Hopefully, the final version for the presentation slides are found available attached to this post. The official product slogan can also be heard as well, in the provided sound file, an ogg-vorbis one. Good news are that it was all made trough Qtractor (recording, effects, mix-down, and all that). Bad news are that's all done on old crappy laptop ;)

Spoiler warning: it features my own vocalization of paper's title "Qtractor - An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer", pitch-shifted down a few tones just to let it seem to be more testosterone loaded. Hope it won't hurt someones speakers

This very landmark comes rightly tagged on CVS as qtractor

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