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Midi ghost notes on Master bus

Not sure how this happened but I have been using Qtractor and Renoise together and sending song position pointers from Renoise to Qtractor. Anyway the problem I now have is that even after a new install of Qtractor when it is run on its own with a new file the Master midi bus always has output. There are no midi files loaded. I insert a new empty midi clip and hit play. in the mixer the Master bus is playing midi notes. Using midisnoop these notes are Note on Note offs channel 10.


It happens even without a new clip. Execute Qtractor hit play and the Master midi bus is outputting midi.

Decided to hook the output to qsynth. yep its the metronome. Duh

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Check that View > Options... > MIDI > Metronome > Enable MIDI metronome is OFF.

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