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My experiences, small problem and wishlist


new user here. I am using qtractor to play along with my keyboards and make some simple recordings. When I discovered the SMF 0 export option, I was hooked. :) My synth and workstation both have limitations importing SMF 1 files, I could not find a linux converter and used a DOS tool with an emulator in former times.

First I compiled qtractor myself several times until I got all optional libraries included. Now I am using the kxstudio repository and learned qtractor watching "Why, Phil?", the corresponding tutorial on "Libre Music Productions" and the wiki.

I imported drum loops and created a 12 bar blues backing track with several tracks- no problem
I tried loop recording accompanying an existing recording - really that easy?
I imported a mp3 file and created a slower version for practicing - just what I needed
I created a template with a reverb bus, a mono input bus and general midi plugins to get started quickly - it just works
I started experimenting with plugins (noob here), Calf, Helm - absolutely fascinating and stable
Experimenting on a old 32-Bit laptop with 2 GB RAM for mobile recording showed no problems

MP3 Clips are much larger than the imported file with a lot of silence in the end, this is not really an issue

When using the midi editor it would be great to automatically create major, minor, 7th,9th etc. chords based on a selectable root note and cycle through the inversions to create music quickly.
This video creates them manually:
(not really a wish>list<)

I think I am only scratching the surface of qtractor, but this is totally awesome. Thank you so much for this software and the great community creating all the documentation.


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it's great you making creative use of it and all that, really thanks.

re. small problem
yes that's an old known problem and it is specific to mp3 files only, specially the ones encoded in VBR mode.
and it is to stay like so forever long, sorry. however there's one trick to mitigate that: if you import a second time later you'll see that the same mp3 clip will get the correct length, this being so because it can only an worst case estimate if the file is not decoded in full all the way first (eg. to get it's graphic waveform, for instance).

re. wishlist
a so called chord-helper would be an interesting addition indeed; meanwhile you might find it otherwise interesting the snap-to-scale options or quantization modes while on the MIDI editor (cf. View> Toolbars >Scale ... ).



thanks for the hint, while I already used the quantization but I had no idea about snap-to-scale. It works very well here.



I was just playing with the midi editor thinking about a chord helping function. How about this idea:

1. Place a root note with the mouse as usual
2. Press "3" to add a third above the root note
(press 5 for the fifth and so on, "1" could be used for the 11th)
3. Press SHIFT-3 for the third _under_ the root note (oh no, no english key layout here :-)

A combination with the snap-to-scale function seems necessary (to me) to decide which eg "third" is the right.
Rich sounds could be created easily with some key strokes and no standard chords need to be predefined.


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