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Losing MIDI files created in NSM session

I had problems with an external USB drive which made me think that was how I lost a MIDI file I had created in Qtractor earlier that day. When it happened again the next day I downloaded and built the 0.8.3 version but the same thing happened.

To demonstrate the problem simply create a minimal NSM project called Qtractor-Test, adding jackpatch, qsynth and qtractor. It is convenient to open a file manager window displaying the contents of the Qtractor session directory - it will be called something like Qtractor.nBOUY where the four random-looking characters will be different.

In Qtractor, add a MIDI track with all midi settings left at their default (no point in wasting time fiddling). Create a new clip and add a couple of notes to it. This should create the MIDI file:

Qtractor-Test/Qtractor.nBOUY/qtractor-test-Track 1-1.mid.

You can connect it to Qsynth and Jack system-playback to listen to it if you like:~)
Now in the NSM gui select "Close" to save and close the project and observe your work-of-genius MIDI file disappear in the file manager window.

Alternatively, before you close the project, copy the midi file somewhere safe and handy, then close the project and copy the copy back into the Qtractor.nBOUY session directory. Now when you reopen the NSM project your midi file will appear in Qtractor AND it will survive subsequent closures.

This problem only occurs with freshly created MIDI clips, but it has not been tested for behaviour with audio clips. Imported MIDI clips and previously created Qtractor MIDI clips seem to be immune.

The copy-safe/copy-back workaround will keep me going but I would love to have a proper patch for this as I am trying to persuade my brother how effective Qtractor is as a step-sequencer in Non sessions.


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Many thanks for the full report. The fix is already on git head master branch and included on the next v0.8.4 release due in a few days.


Thank you Rui. I have built and installed 0.8.4 and I can confirm that it fixes the problem.
My brother is a Cubase addict but with this and your planned implementation of support for Jack MIDI I might start to persuade him to go cold turkey :~)


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