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The simplest instruction for installing Qtractor

So I have completely new latest os Deepin 15.5 and I want to install new Qtractor but I don't get it how.
Can someone make a one big comand line with everything I need to install the latest qtractor, so I can just copy and paste into terminal?
I would be very grateful!

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grab the AppImage and you'll probably good :)
but remember to install and try out JACK first

Thank you but I forgot to mention that Deepin doesn't support AppImage yet, so :(

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have you at least tried it out? you know that an AppImage is supposed to be self-contained: you just make it executable and run :)
never mind then, if Deepin is based on Debian maybe you can have it from the ever popular KXStudio repositories: just follow the instructions there and you should be fine.

"have you at least tried it out?"
Yes, AppImage just don't work there :(
I will try from KXStudio repo but have you tought maybe to put Qtractor on Flathub?

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"just doesn't work" is probably no big excuse :)
when launching from the console terminal what messages do you see?
re. flatpak: making into yet another packaging format is (far) away beyond my modest will--i do strongly rely on OBS for all the CI or whatever matters, check it out:

I didn't tried from terminal, deepin linux doesn't have AppImage support jet.
I installed from KXStudio repo so it works but from some reason I don't see qtractor in luncher so I need to lucnh it from terminal every time.
Thanks for help!


In qtractor when setting the scale as Am the G note isn't available. Is this a bug?

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no way! unless you set some disparate key/scale?

you're referring to the MIDI clip editor/piano-roll right?
if yes that set View > Toolbars > Scale into view ofc and set the scale mode to "Chromatic" (default standard western 12-tone)
otoh. is there a "Am" key at all? i kinda read it as "A minor" fwiw. but i might be dead wrong...
I may always fail/foul-short on the m-theory but--and you're welcome to advice-- I am/we are always learning ;)

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry I wasn't explicit, yes by Am I mean A minor. I can't check my settings right now as I am not at home butI'll double chec that I set it as "chromatic" and not "harmonic". The A minor scale should be A, B, C, D, E, F, G but I could only get G#.


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