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Merging Clips


I created a small midi clip with a few notes, copied and pasted it so there at two of them in one one track. When I mark both of them with "CTRL-Left click" and select merge, I am prompted to name and save the new clip.

The wiki states: "The merged clip immediately replaces the old clips in your project" but I get a new empty clip without the notes. Importing the saved new clip in a new track reveals the correctly merged clips.

I checked with a blank project in qtractor 0.86. Can anyone confirm this behavior?


P.S. the "Auto-monitor" function drove me crazy, now I like it :)

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hi Frank,

i cannot confirm the behavior, but it raised a concern, nevertheless.

are you merging two (or more) just created clips that haven't seen their backs yet on disk as a regular .mid file? That might happen that you're nigh to overwrite the brand new-to-be clip(s) filename(s); if you simply hit yes (on replace warning that is) you'll end with undefined behavior oh yeah, in particular if you think of Undo-ing what you just made (a clip merge that replaced the previous clip filename);

besides that particular situation (undo a merge that replaced an existing .mid filename, for which you said OK to replace anyway:)), I can't really see where the issue might be. Maybe my eyes and brain are old and dismissing the obvious, who know's?


ps. just fixed the situation: the proposed merged clip filename is now bumped to the next numerical suffix, so that you are not misguided to replace a previous existing one, unless you really want to get into trouble ;) on git head master now (qtractor >=

Hi Rui,

thanks for the quick answer. I definitely renamed the new clip to a totally different and tried it again. But no luck, the first clip is empty, the second imported is OK. Both show the same tooltip information (name and file), except for track number, which is fine. Even closing qtractor and open the project shows an empty first clip. I'll persevere.


Hi Rui,

I created a screencast, I don't know what I am doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.


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seen the screencast, followed the very same steps, several times and no, none of the merged clip gets not blank here.

please try save right after merge, with the clip showing empty, and re-open the session: does it still show blanks?


Hi Rui,

here is what tried:
Reopening the session does still show blank clips.

I turned from my Ubuntu 16.04 PC with the kxstudio repository to my laptop installed from the kxstudio 14.04 ISO. Same problem. It is strange but blank clips refer to the same midi file as the correctly imported clips.

Finally I found something: under options I had switched Midi export to SMF0, because my synth and my workstation need this configuration. Switching to SMF1 did the trick. Can anyone confirm this?


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Ouch! You nailed it. I can confirm that setting to "SMF Format 0" is the culprit.

Now that's reproducible here I can go fix it :)


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it is now hopefully fixed!
on git head master: qtractor >=
test && tell

Hi Rui,

I compiled the git master in a virtual machine and can confirm that it is working now. :-)

Thanks for your support, qtractor is really something.


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