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I can't seem to get the internal metronome to function using internal midi for sounds. I have fluidsynth installed, and the instruments defined. I tried adding fluidsynth to midi output buss, nope. I can use midi out to trigger other sound sources like hydrogen or qsampler etc. But I can't seem to get the internal metronome to work. What am I missing?

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what you mean by "internal metronome" ?
there are two metronome types in qtractor for you to know about:

  • View > Options... > Audio > Metronome - when enabled this is what one might call as "internal"; though you have to supply your own audio sample files (eg. .wav) for each type of click (bar, beat); none is provided ootb. yet, you can check here for a couple of contributed metronome sounds;
  • View > Options... > MIDI > Metronome - when enabled this more like an "external" metronome; you'll have to connect through the designated MIDI output bus ports (ie. the first default "Master Out" when not set explicitly to dedicated output ports); you shall connect this to a proper MIDI instrument (a synth, sampler, etc.) that responds to the precise MIDI channel (default is 10) and bar and beat note numbers (default being76="Hi Wood Block" for bar-click and 77="Low Wood Block" as for the beat-click, named after GM Drum/Percussion key map);


Yes, I guess "internal metronome" was the wrong choice of words. I thought that the midi metronome could trigger an instrument (like fluidsynth) as long as the instrument was defined, or in the midi output buss, and that I was doing something wrong. Making sounds without being patched to an external source is what I was calling an "internal metronome". I should have said "internal midi instrument." Anyway, thanks for the quick reply

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