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jack_link 0.0.9 is out there!

On the other news:

Maybe not as compelling as any of those bad old Qstuff* but jack_link has made it to version 0.0.9 ... Yeah, and some weeks ago already, must I tell ya ;)

jack_link is a JACK time-base--and now also a transport--kinda-proof-of-concept bridge to Ableton Link, which already goes into its V3 incarnation.

In a (long, rather boring) sentence, this means that jack_link is now a bilateral bridge--read two-way--to JACK time-base master to Ableton Link local-cloud;) and vice-versa.

The usual caveat emptor rule applies. It may work well--if at all--on some JACK clients and incredibly FUBAR for others (!). To speak the truth, it has been only tested with--and you know what--yours truly Qtractor. And that's what makes me happy :)

Hope it makes you too!

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