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Airwave not working?

I'm fairly new to qtractor. I tried running some windows VSTs using airwave but every time I tried loading them into a midi track, qtractor crashed. I'm using Debain 10 Buster and I'm using the app image of qtractor. If anyone knows a solution to this or another way to run windows VSTs, please let me know!

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I'd suggest Carla Rack from the KX Studio repositories, it can manage windows VSTs, both 64 and 32 bit, and it works with Qtractor on my Debian Sid.

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I really never used or tested airwave, sorry

but one thing I might say: all kinds of windows VST bridges are doomed to fail now and then or whenever a single bit flips out in the Wine intertwinings... Add that the AppImage format is not really suited for that kind of mambo-jambo hocus-pocus tricks that wine does with linux system libraries, which most probably will clash and conflict with the ones that are bundled in the AppImage (fyi. they're all from a ubuntu 16.04 lts baseline).

it might be way more likely, that a normal regular qtractor binary built to the same system libraries as airwave and wine, may lead to better results.
but not an AppImage, unless a total software binding alignment miracle occurs :)


Hi, thanks for your response! I've decided to install qtractor through the source code. Now when I try to load airwave synths, they don't even show up... Should I try to install carla and run them through there?

Just to add, I've found the same crashing difficulty recently with both linVST and windows VSTs exported via carla to lv2, although both used to work.

(This isn't a bug report or complaint, I just thought it might be relevant)

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