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In doubt how to create MIDI files


I'm quite new to music production and DAW scenery, so please go easy on me :-)

I'm not sure if I misunderstood Qtractor (is it the Garageband for Linux???), but I cannot find a way to create MIDI audio using the "piano roll", like you do in Garageband. For example, I have an instrument plug-in (x42-avldrums) and I would like to create some patterns or beats with it. I know I can do this with MIDI, but I can't figure out how to do this with Qtractor. Am I missing something here?

Thank you!

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hi, just try this on a brand new qtractor session:
1. add a MIDI track set on channel 10 and/or set in Drums mode;
2. add the instrument plugin (x42/avldrums) to the new MIDI track and activate the plugin;
3. add a new MIDI clip to the track, giving a name to the session the first time;
4. to enter new notes on the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) remember set edit mode on or draw.
you should now have it ready to put some notes on the piano-roll and hear them alright.


ps. qtractor is not GB for Linux, mind you :) in fact "for Linux" is the only part that is correct ;)

Ok.. clear.

I just found Yassin Philip videos... good stuff there!

Thank you.

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