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Qsynth 0.2.6 is out!

Today I've woke up and promptly decided to let a new official Qsynth be released as is from CVS HEAD. No big deal as there aren't any big news anyway :). So be it. And there it is: Qsynth 0.2.6 is out.

As you can read from the change log, most are only nitpicking ones:

- Main panel window now keeps its previous iconic state on system tray, on application restart (thanks to Chris Cannam for hinting this one).
- Minor optimization in peak level meters update rate. Alternate but faster inline lroundf() function implementation is now used.
- Most top-level widgets were missing the normal-widget flag, which were causing some sticky size behavior on some window managers.
- Messages and channels window captions can now be set smaller as tool-widgets, in effect when child windows are kept always on top.
- While on the engine setup dialog, the ALSA sequencer client identifier is now also disabled depending on the MIDI input option setting.
- Experimental soundfont loader which prevents RAM image duplication if more than one engine loads the same soundfont file. Server-mode is now supported on multi-engine configurations by auto-incrementing the shell socket listening port (both patches handed by Dave Searls, thanks).
- Engine name gets through the respective tab title when created. Fixed engine delete button enabling on the main window.
- Changed deprecated copyright attribute to license, on qsynth.spec (RPM).
- Added configure support for x86_64 libraries (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas).
- GPL address update.

Of course, available in the usual sites:


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