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Export audio - bug or user error?

Hello, I'm driving myself crazy trying to get audio to export properly via the "export tracks" dialogue. I'm pretty new to Qtractor so might have misunderstood something about the routing - I would be very grateful for any advice.

Basically exporting the master bus (or anything else I've tried) results in an empty audio file. I can workaround this problem by recording the master bus into a new track and then locating the resulting file on the hard drive, but that seems like it should be an unnecessary step.

I've attached a screenshot to show how I have things connected. You can see a newly created exported track in pink, with a thin line where I would expect audio date to be. During the export process the track faders light up and move as you would expect, but the master fader doesn't. When the export completes there is a loud pop and the active faders go into the red.

Any ideas what's going wrong here? I've searched and found nothing of any relevance.

Version 0.9.19 with jack2 by the way.

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from the screenshot you posted and as far as I can see, you have two soloed tracks that do NOT play to the Master Out bus... if nothing feeds the bus to export then you certainly will get silence as a result.


OK, thank you. I was trying to run those tracks through several busses first but I must be misunderstanding how to do that. It does work if I route them straight to the master bus. I will keep trying.

Thanks for your work on Qtractor too by the way. I'm finding the way it handles multiple takes when recording especially useful.

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