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QjackCtl 0.3.8 released!

Howdy! JACK Session versioning is quite simply the most interesting new feature for this release. It's optional but enabled by default. One can just turn it off and keep the bad old take-no-prisoneers behavior :)

Never is too late,

QjackCtl 0.3.8 has been released!

Enjoy, and
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QjackCtl is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • Debugging stacktrace now applies to all working threads.
  • Session "Save" button now a drop-down menu, replacing the session save type combo-box/drop-down list selection. Also, an early session directory versioning/numbering scheme is now in place, although optional.
  • Probable fix to debian bug report #624198 - segfault when pressing the stop button (by Grant Adrian Diffey, after a patch from Adrian Knoth, thanks).
  • Desktop environment session shutdown (eg. logout) is now tapped for graceful application exit, even though the main window is active (visible) and minimizing to system tray is enabled. Both were causing first shutdown/logout attempt to abort. Not anymore, hopefully ;).
  • Make sure all activated patchbay definition files are in their complete and absolute directory path forms.
  • Connections refresh button now does an immediate and true reconstruction of all clients and their respective ports and connections, unconditionally.
  • Command line server start option (-s, --start) is now made independent from configuration setup option (cf. Setup/Misc /Start JACK audio server on application startup).
  • Now handling cable socket types properly to let patchbay definitions work correctly, whenever having sockets with the very same literal name (twisted from patch #3183467, by Karsten, thanks;).
  • Abrupt focus behavior when any of the keyboard modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Caps Lock) is hit while on Connections client/port aliases editing (rename) has been fixed.
  • Russian (ru) translation updated (by Alexandre Prokoudine).
  • Added include "errno.h" alegedly missing for BSD style systems (applying patch for bug #3126091).

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