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The Eleventh Tower

Dang. One year has gone by, since the ancient Halloween Files have popped out from the Qt4 migration tomb. Yes, Qtractor was once a Qt3 application, and today we see the light of a new alpha pre-release from this pet-project that I'm doing in the spare time, in that good old "just for fun" fashion. And that just seems to be the best reason I'm taking so damn long to put something together. And it's not really finished you know and guess what? it will never be :) As most (good) software projects, it takes several years, sometimes a decade and what it will ever come to be is just something more or less broken.

Broken or not, here it goes:

Qtractor (Eleventh Tower) has been pre-released!

As usual, the source tarball and some selected binary packages are also made available for you to grab and start breaking things at home too, from here;

All the new goodies or not so baddies too are spelled out in the change-log:

  • Suspend auto-follow-playhead while dragging or moving content over
    the main track and midi editor views; re-touched follow-playhead
    and new continue-past-end tool icons.
  • Playback is now forced complete full-stop whenever play-head goes
    behind the current session length and/or loop-end and the newer
    "continue past end" option is enabled from transport menu.
  • Tool/child windows position and size preservation fixed.
  • MIDI (pass-)through has been finally implemented, after several
    kind requests, it applies as a property of duplex-mode MIDI buses;
    this new setting is configurable from the View/Buses... dialog;
    also from respective new input bus mixer-strip button; when enabled,
    implies all incoming MIDI events at the input bus will pass-through
    unchanged to the corresponding output bus, as found useful just for
    direct monitoring one's performance without the help of any extra
    circumvent or kludgy connections.
  • Mouse cursor shape changes accordingly while hovering in header
    time-scale rulers, both in main track-view and MIDI editor.
  • Track-view clipboard paste action has been refactored, with the
    user interface consistent with the same functionality featured on
    the MIDI editor: the clipboard selection being pasted now floats
    at the mouse pointer and can be moved around before placed into
    its final position, either with the mouse or keyboard arrow keys.
  • A unitialized member variable bug affecting all MIDI clips has
    been discovered and squashed; this one has been lurking for quite
    some time and was causing wrong clip editing results, specially
    when tempo or meter differs between session and the MIDI file.
  • Keyboard step-moving is now allowed while pasting in MIDI editor.
  • Track-view clip selection can now be drag-moved into the void
    (bottom) view area creating brand new tracks automagically.
  • Losing focus resets all current keyboard step-moves in progress,
    affecting the main track-view and all MIDI editor as well.
  • As done before on the MIDI editor, the main track-view current
    selection may be step-wise moved using the keyboard arrow keys
    and the enter/insert keys for final placement; horizontal step
    movement is quantized according to current snap setting; vertical
    key-step movement is only allowed to selected clips belonging to
    one single and the same track.
  • Immediate session loop settting, accessible from the main menu.
  • Track properties dialog gets fixed again in its auto-size treat.
  • Another audio-buffer thread bug was scrubbed off, which was
    causing spurious and audible garbage on certain loop workloads.

Cheers && Enjoy as much as you can ;)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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