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Yet Another Vee One Prototype

following in the same vein, like "look mamma, I've made this!", here goes yet another proto-toy called samplv1--an(other) old-school all-digital (of course) polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx.


have a sample:

upstream svn trunk:


still rough in the edges but pretty functional; as the previous one, it comes in both forms of a JACK stand-alone client and a LV2 instrument plug-in.

have fun.

install options:

  1. pure stand-alone JACK client, with JACK-session and ALSA-MIDI input support:

    qmake && make [install]

    target install paths:
    ~/bin (debug, default*)

  2. LV2 instrument plugin:

    qmake && make install

    target install paths:
    ~/.lv2 (debug, default*)

  3. (*) edit corresponding .pro file for proper debug/release target.

    cheers && enjoy.


Yes, I did use Patchage to connect everything... Will re-test today and let you know.

Hello, I just shortly tested the standalone version and it sounds very good. I'll definitely try it more later. Nice work! V.

Will it be single layer or multilayer sampler?

rncbc's picture

monolayer as is now

point here is about making the bummiest code one can hack in, as for a polyphonic, midi driven instrument

things just got started... it's not over yet ;)

eager to welcome you to leverage the dang code, which i believe it's quite minimal and to the bone still; pretty much as a 12yo could do, given him/her enough of some hacker ethic medication ;*)

on the matter of layers. ... well, this whole v1-suite are in fact just humble artifacts, proof-of-concepts, to fill the gaps within, w/e, which i enjoy much (in measures i often find myself in trouble to) pursuit. omg! nuff said



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