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Qsampler migrated to Qt4

At last, the remaining of the Q-suite audio applications to reach the highest purity status is now a done deed. Qsampler migration to Qt4 has been completed. With lots of breadcrumbs laying in the ground, still...

In a heroic effort initiated by Christian Shoenebeck, almost one month ago, the migration process has come to a fairly complete and stable status. A big thanks to Christian, who was relentless in this whole process. I must confess my own role in was just collateral. A big thankyou again.

But, what does it all mean, anyway? Besides getting in pace with the times (Qt3 is already phased-out, in the way out to the software museum) one benefit will certainly be the potential to go cross-platform without licensing headaches. Yes, you can have it now on Windows and Mac OS X, granted through your friendlier GPL.


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