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Qt4 migration: status report

After a very busy week, the Qt4 porting of Qtractor is going smoothly but harder than expected. Mostly because of some old habits acquired over several years while doing Qt3 programming, which are now being shifted and deprecated.

The most notorious case seems to be buried under good old QListView class usage, which has been pervasive on most of my GUI coding. Plain substitution by the new convenience View/Model classes, namely QTreeWidget, is indeed the way to go, but is not trivial nor a linear process.

Anyway, the migration process is in blunt progress and has reached a satisfactory half-way point. I aim to do a complete and pure migration and that just means that there will be no Qt3 breadcrumbs left behind. And that does mean getting rid of Qt3Support altogether. It will take longer but it will free of legacy code patterns.

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