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Vee One Suite 0.2.0 - The second public release


The new gang-of-three's now barely consolidated into one semi-official Vee One Suite. Of course, as time goes by, inexorably, the still self-described old-school, proto-toys, just become a little older and mature by the day. Eventually, they will rot. But not today.

Same old features, still the norm:
  • a pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session and both JACK MIDI and ALSA MIDI input support;
  • a LV2 instrument plugin.

Here follows the news from the change-log, common to all synthv1, samplv1 and drumkv1, unless specifically stated otherwise:

  • New Reset (all values to preset default) button.
  • New parameter A / B comparison toggle buttons.
  • New element exclusive Group sounding setting. (drumkv1)
  • New Velocity sensitivity configuration control.
  • Increased baseline polyphony from 24 to 32 voices.
  • Mouse-wheel support on combo-dial knob widgets.
  • New command line options: --help and --version information (stand-alone JACK client forms only).
  • Voice re-triggering fast-release fix.
  • LV2 event buffer recycle fix.
  • Prepared for relative filesystem paths on preset file references.
  • Audio sample file browser support for old 8.3 file-name formats. (samplv1, drumkv1)
  • Audio sample waveform widget context menu added (samplv1)

And here are the (old-school) buddies:

synthv1 - an old-school polyphonic synthesizer

synthv1 is an old-school all-digital 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer with stereo fx.



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samplv1 - an old-school polyphonic sampler

samplv1 is an(other) old-school all-digital polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx.



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drumkv1 - an old-school drum-kit sampler

drumkv1 is (yet) an(other) old-school all-digital drum-kit sampler synthesizer with stereo fx.



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Hi again, I will check the new version later, but after some time of testing the Synthv1 version I have some other thoughts:
1) switching between synth1, synth2 and effects is not to convenient - you have to move the mouse cursor up and down from the top to the bottom of the window; also because you have to click on the particular widget (e.g. "Synth1" or "Effects") you loose the actual active window (VMPK in my case). I think that switching with tabs would solve both problems: all labels would stay at one place, somewhere on top of the window, making it intuitive to switch, and also you can switch tabs without clicking, using only mouse wheel, without loosing focus to your current active window.
2) It is very easy to discard your current settings with this innocent looking "New Preset" button; you click it and then without any warning you loose your settings:)
That's all

Wow, both things solved in latest svn:) You're great, thank you very much!

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besides the new decoration layout changes, samplv1 now features a long overdue feature: custom loop start and end points. yet, one can only set those graphically (ie. rubber-banding via the mouse) a couple of precision entry controls will be added sooner, or later ;)


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