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Qtractor 0.5.9 - The Juliet Quebec release

As an anticipated summer delight...

Qtractor 0.5.9 (juliet quebec) is now released!

Release highlights:

  • NSM support (NEW)
  • Audio buses plugin state restoration (FIX)
  • MIDI channel file merge/export (FIX)
  • MIDI editor rescale mode (NEW)
  • German translation (NEW)

Cheers && Enjoy.


Project page:


Weblog (upstream support):


Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • Auto-incremental version numbering of backup session files; brand new versioning mode option added.
  • Fixed one long as ever MIDI file export bug, which was about washing all self-induced MIDI bank-select (CC#0, CC#32) and program-change (PC#) events into MIDI channel 1, regardless of the source track/channel.
  • Fixed initial sample-rate settlement on plugin chains for all tracks and buses whenever a session file original sample-rate differs from the current audio device engine (ie. JACK).
  • New German (de) translation added (by Guido Scholz, thanks).
  • Now accepting JACK transport tempo and time-tignature changes while in slave transport mode.
  • Fix ref-count and auto-removal of created files that result from clip merge/export when session is closed but not saved.
  • MIDI track instrument bank/program selection, from plugin UIs that support it, is now effectively and complete.
  • Custom connections for dedicated audio outputs from all plugin chains in MIDI tracks or buses are back in business, hopefully restored gain on session load (ticket by yuba, thanks).
  • Track Properties dialog now dirty after any plugin related change (another head-up by yuba, thanks again).
  • Tempo Map/Markers dialog is not set initially dirty anymore.
  • Audio buses plugin state's persistence were found AWOL: while being properly saved as usual, were being restored to default on every session reload (as noticed by yuba, thanks).
  • NSM (Non Session Management) support is being introduced.
  • The MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) gets a brand new rescale mode: ctrl+dragging the right edge of a note now rescales all times and duration of all the subsequent selected notes (after an interesting idea/ticket by Joel Leclerc, thanks).
  • The new MIDI clip editor rescale mode also applicable to event values (eg. note velocities, pitch-bend), while ctrl+dragging the edges of an event vertical bar.
  • VST plugin (GUI) idle timer makes a comeback.
  • Hard-wired LV2 UI selection order for plugins which supply more than one option (lv2_external_ui gets always honored first then, as provided via libsuil, X11, GTK and last but not least, Qt4).

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Have (lots of) fun.


OK, so first I just wanna tell you good job! :)

And second... it seems this update is not available in KXStudio yet :(.

OK, but what I was really wanting to ask is about NSM(non session manager). Basically, the idea is that you create a new NSM session for EVERY project/song, right? Since I use the SVN before this(the one we talked about in that other thread), Qtractor already is working perfectly with NSM, but I noticed that you can't change the Qtractor session/project after? You can't change the name, or click "save as"? OK... so I guess I have to come up with a name from the start? And have one NSM session for every single song I make? I'm just wondering, I'm not that used to using session managers, but I was using NSM because I didn't have to set everything up everytime... but maybe I just hadn't understood how people normally use session managers? As I said... one session per song?

EDIT Oh, I just noticed that you can duplicate an NSM session and enter a different name for it(well, wouldn't you have to? lol). So that way, if you start out with no idea of what you want to make(:)) you can just create an NSM session called "nothing" and then later duplicate that session and call it "an awesome song!"... or something :). Yeah, I know, this has nothing to do with Qtractor, sorry...

EDIT2 OK... that didn't work very well. Nothing was saved :(. OK, I'm not gonna talk about NSM anymore, good job, and bye :).

rncbc's picture

most of the (non) issues about NSM are due on specific non-session-manager implementation and to the fact that this is the only one to date--i have a hunch there won't be any other, in times to come :)

yes, File/Save As... is permanently disabled when qtractor is run under NSM mode. that's mandated by protocol (see Non Session Management API for details).

also, File/Open... is semantically equivalent to new+import as it doesn't change the session name nor it's current session directory, which is explicitly mandated by NSM API, yet again.


ps. i confess that i haven't tested all non-session-manager functions on earth but only the most fundamental ones. sure there might be some rough edges still 'round there--i'm no frequent flyer of the NSM airlines either, so don't blame me for the turbulence ;)

Just a heads up, you may have realized this by now, but latest Qtractor build is in KXS PPA ... as well as the latest NSM. Looking forward to experimenting with NSM a little later but for now, Rui, I love Qtractor and I'm messing with it every day.

Really great job!
well done :)

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