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Qtractor 0.5.10 - The Kilo Papa is out

Nothing much to say...
but anything goes, as long it goes before the proverbial midsummer meltdown...

Qtractor 0.5.10 (kilo papa) is out!

Release highlights:

  • Edit/Insert, Remove range options (NEW)
  • LV2 Dyn-manifest support (NEW)
  • Time, frames, BBT display option in-place menu (NEW)
  • Audio export track automation (FIX)
  • Clip/event selection clear/reset (FIX)



Project page:


Weblog (upstream support):


Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • Default drum-key note names are now properly showing on MIDI tracks that are assigned to known drum/percussive instrument patches (eg. SoundFont 2 (.sf2) bank 128).
  • Time display format (frames, clock-time or BBT) may now be changed from the context-menu on any time entry spin-box.
  • LV2 plugin support is now tightly tied to liblilv; the same tie applies to LV2 plugin UI support and libsuil and vice-versa.
  • Mixer buses racks (ie. left/input and right/output panes) are now both kept fixed-width when whole mixer window is resized.
  • Unconditional LV2 Dyn(amic)-manifest support has been added.
  • Main track-view Edit/Insert,Remove/Range dialog is now being introduced with optional applicability to Clips, Loop, Punch in/out, Automation, Tempo-map and/or Markers.
  • New range removal editing tool, split/moving clips backward at the specified edit-head/tail interval (Edit/Remove/Range, Track Range)--by Tuomas Airaksinen, thanks.
  • Andy Fitzsimon's original icon from makes it through as the default standard scalable format (SVG).
  • Automation's back in effect on Track/Export Tracks.../Audio.
  • Reversed shift/ctrl keyboard modifier roles on middle-button clicking over the main track and MIDI clip editor views (aka. piano-roll) in regression to original old semantics.
  • Color selection actions now have a brand new palette icon.
  • Make sure main track-view and MIDI clip editor selection is only cleared on specific discrete commands.
  • Try keeping the original session file in most recent files menu list, despite current version auto-incremental backup mode is in effect.
  • Fixed non-zero clip offsets upon tempo/time-scale changes.
  • Some sympathy to extreme dark color (read black) schemes is now indulged on empty backgrounds.

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Enjoy && Have (lots of) fun.


qtractor needs be on windows

rncbc's picture

and what's the motivation for having qtractor on windows when there's a boatload of DAW/sequencers available on there?


As of this version (supplied through kxstudio) qtractor freezes up (and then also freezes my computer) when loading an older project. :-(

Any suggestions on enabling logging or something to give you a detailed bug report? I can of course upload the ladish project somewhere for you to test.

rncbc's picture

on which stage did it start freezing your computer?

what happens when you just load the (old) session directly from filesystem, independently of ladish coordination?

let me tell you, on my defense, that qtractor has no power to lock-up the system per se, but all things laid out by ladish and jackdbus and what not might be at stake, i guess.

nb. i don't use ladish nor even jackdbus, sorry. so i'll need to ask you to check any of those aren't messing with your system stability anyhow.


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