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Qtractor broken on Qt 4.2 ?

It was just yesterday when I've upgraded my laptop to openSUSE 10.2, which went fine by the way. Trouble is, it comes with Qt 4.2.1 and with fingers-crossed I let Qtractor run and/or build for the very first time on that -- as a sidenote, the recent migration went trough Qt 4.1 which was bundled in openSUSE 10.1. The fine print says now that Qtractor works in general on the the new Qt line, but there's a serious issue between the track-list item heights and respective vertical scroll synchronization with the track-view pane, that is the main view in fact :) Good grief, I have to spend some more time digging the QTableView class et al.

Or not. I'm strongly considering to fold track-list implementation (the left pane of main window) and go for a complete rewrite. Lessons learned during migration to Qt4 indicate that converting this component to the new Model/View classes wasn't easy nor timeless. Now with Qt4.2 it just broke and I'm done with it. Let's make something that I can have full control across future environmental changes, externalities as some economists say. Just for a change to the tried and true :).

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