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Qtractor 0.6.0 - The Byte Bald Beta release!

Once again, it's springtime.

Once again, the planet revolved and stepped forward against its mother star.

Hence the three bees release... it won't be that far fetched if you find this naming a deliberate pun riddle indeed--the wise will know already while the clueless will get it sudden in a couple of days ;)

Well, no big surprises nor earthshaking features are being here pitched then, just some small and otherwise humble improvements and fixes and what not.

Nevertheless and not just for the record that is, it marks the day of a long overdue and severely procrastinated beta phase release. Whatever. It's dang official now: one step closer to omega, no doubt ;)

Contrary to, maybe, newer generations, I always strive to say the least. As to say about literal face-value meaning, as written and read on timeless textbooks, it's all left in between the lines or, this part is the one I like most, left over as an exercise--in some kind of healthy masochism, perhaps :).

No wonder,

Qtractor 0.6.0 (byte bald beta) is now released!

Release highlights:

  • Plugin automation high resolution option (NEW)
  • Plugin 'About' page (NEW)
  • Native DE dialogs option (NEW)
  • Follow play-head slack time (NEW)
  • MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controllers input (FIX)

See you all on LAC2014@ZKM-Karlsruhe!

and have a happy new springtime, cheers!


Project page:


Weblog (upstream support):


Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • New user option added: on whether to save plugins automation values with higher resolution as possible, using 14-bit NRPN: cf. View/Options.../Plugins/Experimental/High resolution plugin automation (default=off).
  • Generic native plugin dialogs now shows an additional "About" last page where authorship credits are due.
  • A new user preference option is now in place for whether to use desktop environment's own native file requester/browser dialogs (View/Options.../Display/Dialogs/Use native dialogs).
  • A bit of slack have been introduced to put "Follow Playhead" (aka. auto-scroll view mode) on hold, while doing in-flight selection edit moves.
  • Fixed some user interface related annoyances while on the MIDI Controllers mappings (ie. View/Controllers...).
  • Fixed port origin on MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controllers input.
  • A discretionary plug-in unique identifier have been devised for when more than one from the same type are inserted on a bus or track chain, avoiding destructive clashing of automation data.
  • Horizontal scrolling shift+mouse-wheel direction now reversed.
  • LV2 Dyn(amic)-manifest support is now optional (default=off); cf. View/Options.../Plugins/Experimental/LV2 Dynamic Manifest support).
  • The following options, although decieved on View/Options... as global configuration options, were always and still are proper session instance properties: (JACK) Transport mode, MMC mode, MMC device, MIDI SPP and MIDI Clock modes, are now shown there reflecting the current open session state.
  • A couple of run-time circumventions have been hacked in, both strictly related to when NSM session management is in charge: 1) the new session template feature is disabled (was aborting initial NSM new client additions); 2) the native (as from the desktop environment eg. KDE) file browser/requester dialogs are disabled (were taking too long to list the current directory on first time invocation).
  • Update current automation/curve nodes selection while changing horizontal (time axis) zoom levels.
  • One liner's attempt to make it consistent behaviour on resizing and moving multiple selected notes or events while on the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll; after a ticket request from Daniel MacDonald aka. danboid, thanks).
  • Introducing tiny quarter-note/crotchet/seminima/beat icon on all snap-to-beat selection items get a new icon :).
  • Corrected some audio buffering boundary conditions that were causing dead-loops/freezes while merging some audio clips.
  • Session auto-save period was chronically reduced to one third of its user setting; non critical but fixed now.

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Enjoy && Yet again, have (lots of) fun.

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