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Qtractor 0.6.2 - The Boson Walk Beta is out!

So it's summer, they say.

White bright and light pastel colors sparkling on every corner and turn. Cheesy and silly season, they say. Alas, southerners don't apply. Sorry about that. Of course I mean the hemisphere, obviously.

For whom it might concern, all anxiety has come to an end.


It all relates back to this last May 3, when a not-so-formal meeting (aka. workshop) took place while during LAC2014@ZKM-Karlsruhe, where some pertinent and undeniable requests were dodged and framed to a "soonish" implementation. And guess what?

Yup, the "soonish" are no more, or so I think.

Qtractor 0.6.2 (boson walk beta) is out!

Perhaps an additional word is due though, about the riddling code-names that are branding the post-TYOQA beta releases. They have no personal nor logical sense, I assure you. Perfectly arbitrary now. Everything in life and the universe is way more unconventional than just a name.

Without further assay.

Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt4 framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI are the main infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.

Release highlights:

  • Plugins activation MIDI controller / automation (NEW)
  • LV2 UI Idle and Show (>= Qt5) interface support (NEW)
  • Discrete editing of automation curve node values (NEW)
  • Missing audio/MIDI files and plugins warning message (NEW)
  • MIDI note drawing on tempo-map changes (FIX)
  • Automation curves re-adjusted to tempo-map changes (FIX)

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Project page:



Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • Prevent linear and spline automation curve modes for all integer valued subjects. Also, make sure those values are rounded to the nearest integer away from zero.
  • Fixed save of LV2 Presets for plugins with state files.
  • A man page has beed added (making up Gürkan Sengün's work on debian, thanks).
  • When moving plugins by eg. drag-and-dropping across tracks, automation curves were being left behind, maybe leading to unpredictable mistaken behavior. Hopefully, not anymore.
  • Translations install directory change.
  • Automation curves are now automatically re-adjusted to tempo map node changes (after a ticket by Holger Marzen, thanks).
  • Audio/MIDI files or plugins found missing on session load are now subject for an explicit modal warning message and prompt for an immediate session backup salvage.
  • Changing instrument plugin programs is now an undo/redo-able command operation, especially for DSSI but also for plugins that come with the LV2 Programs interface extension support (
  • Drawing, selecting and/or resizing of MIDI note events that extend across tempo/time-signature changes is now made a bit more correctly over the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll), especially regarding to current snap-to-beat setting (after an outstanding ticket by yubatake, thanks).
  • Once again, audio frame/MIDI time drift correction has been slightly refactored to improve MIDI input monitor and timing.
  • Discrete automation curve node values may now be edited via a numerical entry floating spin-box on double-click (as yet another request by AutoStatic aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
  • Pressing shift/ctrl keyboard modifiers while double-clicking on a plugin list entry now briefly reverses the current View/Options.../Plugins/Editor/Open plugin's editor (GUI) by default option preference.
  • Fixed an old crash lurker when switching output buses that implied a change on the number of audio channels, while on tracks that have (auto-)monitor turned on and at least one active plugin in chain (yet another ticket by AutoStatic aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
  • MIDI Controller assignment (aka MIDI learn) and/or automation of plugins (de)activation state has been added (as requested by AutoStatic aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
  • LV2 UI Idle and Show interfaces support added.
  • Allow the build system to include an user specified LDFLAGS (patch by Alessio Treglia aka. quadrispro, thanks).

Enjoy && Have (lots of) fun.


Hi, I just discover your application, after some headache on lmms and ardour, and i think i ve found THE application for my needs, because its clear, simple, and have good integration (which is the principal matter I have with mao on linux). Thanks very much for your great job and generosity.
See you,

rncbc's picture

thank you very much and welcome.
don't ditch lmms nor ardour, both have their own strengths.
please consider on helping the wiki when you feel it's ok. (you'll need to register to, if not already though).


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