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How can I verify recorded sample rate?

I am using Qtractor 0.5.11 in Ubuntu Studio 14.04, so far so good! My end goal is to record and mix down songs at 48 Khz and then have finished songs at 44.1 Khz. (I'm not sure yet if I can get my system to run at 96 khz, so I thought 48 khz would do to start with.)

1. How can I verify that the sample rate is really 48 khz? (That's what QJackCtl is reporting.)
2. Once I mix down a song, how do I convert to 44.1 khz?
3. Is this approach reasonable, or should I set everything for 44.1 khz to start with?

Thanks, themusman.

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yes, the recording sample-rate is always the one jack is running, exactly the one reported by qjackctl and qtractor lower right window corner.

you should be ok with 48k during production and mastering.

only when final, mastered and ready for publishing, you should convert offline to 44k1 to the highest quality possible; you can use eg. sox or sndfile-resample (from libsamplerate-progs).


Thanks again!

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