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rtirq update - 2015 edition

just in time for the mardi gras, rtirq has been updated ;)

original packages are available:


DISCLAIMER: rtirq only makes sense on PREEMPT_RT or threadirqs enabled kernels (>= 2.6.39).

cheers && enjoy


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where's "usb2" up there ?

is it something that haven't plugged in yet?


Yes, there is not usb2 in /proc/interrupts but a
cat "/proc/asound/card"$i"/usbbus" | rev | cut -b5
with the right value in $i
is giving 2

The same searching /sys directory with
find /sys/devices -type d -name "usb2"

Since rtirq is using /proc/interrupts, it cannot connect usb2 to the right device.
Probably this is correct, but it seems to me that the usb(x) method is not generally applicable.

The default configuration file puts snd before usb. At least on my laptop, this results my onboard sound card getting higher priority than my USB sound card. I'm presuming the most common use of this script is to raise the priority of USB sound cards, so would it be better to have the default config put usb before snd?

I tried to install the RPM from your site on Fedora 22 but it won't install because it requires sysvinit-tools, which is not available on Fedora.

I have filed a bug on Fedora's bug tracker noting the rtirq package is out of date:


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