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The Eight Wanderer

Summer is upon us. Just before heading south on vacation, I would like to leave this place at some decent state, so don't expect major features since last time iteration.

Qtractor (Eight Wanderer) has been pre-released!

QjackCtl 0.3.1 is out!

Just one week after a no-regrets migration, here comes this second iteration over the Qt4 framework for the JACK Audio Connection Kit "cutie" GUI front-end that everybody loves or at least ought to :)

QjackCtl 0.3.1 (unstable-qt4) is out! [UPDATE: On the next day, QjackCtl 0.3.1a crash-fix was released!]

The main feature on this release, besides for the bug-fixes, is that it's the very first time ever QjackCtl is made available to build and run on all major desktop platforms: X11/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Yes you read it right, Windows, and it is thought to behave consistently on all those. One just have to take advantage from the Qt4 open-source edition and license which in fact is the same as QjackCtl's: GPL2.

Qsynth 0.3.1 (unstable-qt4) released!

So, after the great Qt4 migration, which was almost couple of weeks ago already, here comes the so-called shallowed bug-fix release of this "cutie" FluidSynth GUI:

Qsynth 0.3.1 (unstable-qt4) has been released!

QjackCtl 0.3.0 (unstable-qt4) has been released!

I am humbly proud to announce that yet another one of my linux-audio cutie-suite application has bitten the Qt4 dust.

Yes, it's time for QjackCtl 0.3.0 (unstable-qt4) to be released, fresh from the CVS oven (hmmm... this makes it the second oxymoron on one post; gotta fix this :)

QjackCtl migrated to Qt4

Finally, after a frenzy full weekend without any other worries than doing 'round-da-clock nasty and boresome recoding, I have this news result that QjackCtl migration to Qt4 is now complete and all has already been committed to CVS a few minutes ago.

Yeah, Summer is here and I don't want to stay home grueling any longer.


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