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rncbc's Favorite Sites

My favorite development-related sites:

Borland On-line
From the folks who crafted my C/C++ compiler. I bought it, so I use it.

Microsoft for Developers Only
To get to know what they are up to do with Windows software development.

What about that free stuff called Envelop?
One day I should have it a try!

Oh yes, my favorite pictures on the Web are from here:

From the Realm of Draygon comes the The Mother of all Giger Archives. Please beware, these pictures aren't for the faint of heart! If you want something more pleasant, try Paulina's link below...

Paulina Poriskova an Unofficial Home Page
The only web I could find working to date, where one can appreciate the most beautiful woman in the world (IMHO).

Yahoo Search!
So you've found
yourself lost in this
web and want to get
out of it right away,
won't you?

This web has been almost officially linked from:

(in alphabetical order)

Infoseek, Corp.
My preferred search engine in the net.

The Internet LinkExchange.
A neat (and still free) way to make your presence in the net.

Lycos, Inc.
The Catalog of the Internet. One of the best search engines one can find around.

From Global Network Navigator, Inc. - A nice collection of personal homepages. Look in Alphabet City, or you can cyberflirt and find your match in Match.Com.

New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages.
You can search the WWW Yellow Pages.

The PostMaster.
Announce Your URL Everywhere!

Starting Point.
Starting Point is here to serve YOU! E-mail: webmaster@stpt.com.

Who's Who on the Internet.
The place to search the thousands of personal home pages on the Internet.

This web offers a Yahoo search from right here!

At Work...
No sleep until...

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Above Destruction!

Please note that this is one of my early attempts to produce a web page, just a glimpse from myself to the world. This is in constant destruction and it will be a new tiny world for you to explore.

This web has been last updated on September 29, 1996, and brought to reality thanks to CompuServe.

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