Cambric Park programming...
Cambric Park programming...

My TechLife

by Rui Capela

My computing life has been divided between such strange things like:

Mainframe MVS/CICS,DB2 programming in good old COBOL,

and the very beloved one:

MS WindowsTMprogramming in raw C/C++

My programming skills ranges from developing all sort of commercial applications and/or programming tools. Current targets are the Win32 environments, i.e. Windows 95 and Windows NT. Microsoft oblige. For historical reasons I use Borland C++ and the main job has been developing my own C++ class library that stands as my unique Windows application framework. This framework has been naively code named as dCWindow. One important advantage, is that it is already environment independent at source level. This means I use the very same source code to produce both Windows 3.x (16-bit) and Windows95/NT versions of any application I craft on. It may seem simple, but it took some hard work to be accomplished. Even some of that new common controls, delivered in Win95, had to be cloned to 16-bit, just to verify that assertion.

One special note: that thing called Delphi is getting me nuts. If I had to choose one, and only one programming tool, that will be surely be mine. What a great job that guys at Borland have done!

At Work...
Work, work, and more work...

[Mail me!] I hope you'll send any suggestions or comments you find useful.

Above Destruction!

Please note that this is one of my early attempts to produce a web page, just a glimpse from myself to the world. This is in constant destruction and it will be a new tiny world for you to explore.

This web has been last updated on September 29, 1996, and brought to reality thanks to CompuServe.
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