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dCG (draft) Code Generator
The Home of dCG (draft) Code Generator
A general purpose source code generator for Microsoft WindowsTM

by Rui Nuno Capela
October 7, 1996

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dCG is the code name for a draft code generator for Microsoft Windows. It is still under development and intended to be a script-based general purpose code generator. It is implemented using my own dCWindow C++ class library, so it will be available for the whole Windows environment: Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT.

dCG was initially designed to address the need of generating base application code for the dCWindow class library. But intentionally, the whole code generation process is script-driven, so that it can be applied to any class library, framework or even any programming language, not only C/C++.

The basic idea, is that you have a set of source code templates that are tailored to your own specific needs, framework or environment. These templates are source files in their own nature, written in a procedural high-level scripting language, that will be fed into the dCG generator. dCG will parse those source-code templates, make the proper substitutions, and voilá, you'll end up with a new custom set of source files of a brand new application to start with.

The net result may be that you generate code exactly the way you want.

Early main features of dCG:

  • High-level procedural scripting language that control every aspect of code generation.
  • Open data-type (object) definition, management and storage via an application programming interface - dCG API.
  • User code protection. Your custom user code in the generated files can be preserved along regenerations.
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You can find more insider information about dCG by reading:

The dCG Scripting Guide

Or if have rush, there's an early demo release of dCG here for you to try, so please don't be patient anymore:
Here it is!
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some serious development

If not, just forget this.

dCG Download Area

File to Download Size Description
Download dCG 16-bit! 268K dCG (draft) Code Generator v0.08a
Windows 3.x 16-bit edition.
Download dCG 32-bit! 267K dCG (draft) Code Generator v0.08a
Windows95/NT 32-bit edition.
Download dCG API Reference! 62K dCG API Reference v0.08a
On-line documentation to the dCG API.
Don't forget to read the README.TXT file that goes in there.
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dCG Survey Form

Just do it! If you're interested in dCG, please mail me. Just state "dCG" as the subject of your note and I'll promise you'll receive timely information about future enhancements and current developments.

Or you can fill the following form to achieve the same result. If you're downloading some of the above files, why don't you say something while you're doing it?

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